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Turnover is costly and time consuming. Finding the right person for your company is necessary for the long-term success of your company. With our PlatinumHire suite you can find, hire, and onboard your employees all on one easy-to-use platform. With a few clicks, you can create your job posting and let PlatinumHire do the rest. This powerful suite will post your job to an extensive database of job seekers in your area along with major job boards and social media sites, all at no additional cost! As applications come in, PlatinumHire neatly organizes every candidate’s information in one smart dashboard. You can review the applicant’s resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation, responses to pre-interview screening, and more – all in one place. Send a request for an interview and the appointment can auto-populate on your calendar as it is confirmed. With PlatinumHire, we take the work out of hiring and give you a streamlined, organized program to hire with confidence.

In the current marketplace, we understand the importance of hiring the right people. We realize how demands for your time can stack up throughout the day. You need a trusted partner to simplify the hiring and onboarding process, so you can get straight to finding the right person. Charleston Payroll is the partner you’re looking for. We have exactly what you need to hire great people quickly, easily, and confidently.

Unlike other payroll businesses where you are just another number on their list, at Charleston Payroll, you are a partner for the life of your business. We are vested in the success of your company and committed to solving problems for you. Modernize your hiring services with our PlatinumHire suite and stay ahead of trends, and the competition. Bringing on the best talent requires the best services. We can help you do just that. Call us today to get started on taking your business to the next level.

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